Queen Studios have created a stunning life sized bust of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, aka Spider-man. Dressed in the Iron Spider Suit, the suit retains the iconic Spider-Man red and blue, but with a metalic gold trim. The bust measures 72cm tall, 50cm wide and 35cm deep. And is supposedly made of premium grade silicon.

For the head sculpt, Queen Studios’ artists have used silicone to produce Parker’s life-like skin. The individual hair strands are painstakingly punched into the sculpt, one strand at a time. Glass eyeballs are used to complete the realistic look.

The Iron Spider-man life sized bust by Queen Studios can now be preordered at your local retailer for approximately USD3680, with delivery to be expected sometime in the last quarter of 2022. Production of the bust is limited to just 888 pieces, so grab yours while it is still available.

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