A collaboration between Hot Toys and Instinctoy has given birth to this Venom figure, painted in a gorgeous looking Carnage Red. Standing at 34cm tall, the figure is semi-articulatable. Only simple movements for the head, arm, wrist, waist, and ankles.

The design portrays the ominous presence of Carnage with a hulking physique, coved in crimson red color and piano black tendons on glow-in-the-dark material, web-like patterns in black stretched across chest, newly painted interchangeable heads sculpts including one grinning head sculpt and one with long sprawling tongue.

Venom (Carnage Red Version) Artist Mix Figure Designed by INSTINCTOY’s special features:
– Japanese graphic designer and illustrator, Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY’s distinctive art style mixes with the design of Venom and features of Carnage from Marvel Comics
– Magnetic attachable head sculpts with creamy eyes and sharp teeth, highly accurate facial expressions with detailed skin texture
– One (1) newly painted head sculpt with long protruding tongue
– One (1) newly painted interchangeable grinning head sculpt
– Approximately 34cm tall
– 8 points of articulations including head, arms, wrists, waist and ankles
– Giant muscular crimson red gradient-skinned body featuring detailed skin texture, highlighted with tendons in piano black
– Crafted with vinyl material and glow-in-the dark material
– Available only in selected markets

– Painted by Hiroto Ohkubo

Release date: Approximately Q1 – Q2, 2022

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