Adapted from the final battle of the Godzilla vs Kong movie, Godzilla makes his way to Hong Kong to destroy an unknown disturbance. Causing death and destruction as he makes his way.

This diorama by Prime 1 Studio is essentially the Heat Ray Godzilla on a city diorama, with LED lights. 24 inches tall and almost three feet wide, this thing is sculpted to a great detail. The creators have included each and every wrinkle, fin, body plate and texture of his scaly carapace, while paying particular attention to Godzilla’s face and expression, to portray Godzilla at his angriest and most indignant. LEDs illuminate his eyes and mouth to show him at the critical moment, right before he unleashes his Atomic Breath. And perhaps most impressively, our engineering team at Prime 1 Studio have worked out Godzilla’s dorsal fin power up sequence. Upon turning on the diorama’s lighting, Godzilla’s dorsal fins slowly light up from the end of the tail, all the way up his back and to his head in an impressive power up sequence.

As for the diorama, LEDs light up the buildings and city fires, while a helicopterand an osprey buzz around. And incase you have not noticed, Prime 1 Studio’s office building is in there somewhere as an easter egg.


  • LED-Illuminated Godzilla Eyes and Mouth
  • LED-Illuminated Godzilla Dorsal Fins featuring Power-Up Sequence!
  • LED-Illuminated Buildings
  • LED-Illuminated Fires and Explosions
  • One (1) Godzilla vs Kong-themed Hong Kong base featuring Helicopters

The Godzilla vs. Kong – Godzilla (Final Battle) by Prime 1 Studio statue is on preorder at Prime 1 Studio for USD1949 before shipping, which is set to commence in the last quarter of 2022.

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