With the final season of Attack on Titan just a few weeks away, it is probably a good time to pick up a memorabilia of the franchise and what better way than the series protagonist, Eren Jaeger. The 19 year old seen here is adapted from the character in the final season, in his most powerful form.

LC Studio’s Eren Jaeger statue is made of resin and PU plastics, it measures 47cm tall, 29cm wide and 21cm deep, putting it in sixth scale territory.It is also available in several different variants:

  • Outfit – Choose between a black or white outfit
  • Titan Marks – Collectors may opt for Eren to have his titan summoning marks painted below his eyes, or without it

Both head sculpts (tied or loose hair) are included whichever variant is selected.

This piece is expected to cost around SGD442 to preorder, it is expected to be ready by the third quarter of this year.

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