There is rising trend in statue markers releasing unlicensed statues with cast-off parts these days. Cast-off statues may be selling better due to the fact that most buyers are men, and having an extra accessory is better than nothing. Pair if with a good face sculpt and you have a statue that should sell like hot cakes.

The new Kanroji Mitsuri statue by Ume Studios combines all those traits and throws in an awesome display base to make it an irresistible piece. Like its predecessor, Shinobu Kocho, this one also comes painted in vibrant colours. Made of resin and PU plastics, the statue spans 28cm wide, 28cm deep and 57cm tall, putting it in quarter scale territory. No LEDs are fitting in this statue.

There are 2 versions to the statue, a regular and a deluxe version. The latter version will include the additional swappable naked body.

Price wise, the regular version will cost you SGD705 to preorder. The deluxe version will set you back by SGD85 more, with a preorder price of SGD790. These statues are set to delivery when production completes sometime in the last quarter of this year.

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