If you are in the market for a NieR:Automata statue, here is one that packs a good head sculpt and multiple accessories to follow (if you choose the DX version). This piece by MF Studio is in quarter scale, it stands at 65cm tall 70cm wide, 52cm deep and is made of resin, PU and ABS plastics. The display base is based on the abandoned city theme of the early stages, with LEDs that light up the yellow halos, just like the game.

Two versions are available, a regular and a DX version. The regular version comes with just the base statue with no accessories, with a production number of 108 pieces. The DX version feaures an additional battle damaged cast off body as well as 2 head pieces, with and without the blindfold. The DX version is limited to 80 pieces.

The regular version comes with a preorder price of SGD830, and the DX for SGD1080. These statues are expected to begin delivery by the first quarter of next year.

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