If you are the sort of person who is too lazy to scribe your own panel lines (like me), a conversion kit like this one from Fortune Meow will help make your gunpla kit look way better that its original form. This one is designed to fit Bandai’s 1/144 scale Real Grade (RG) RX-93-v2 Hi-v Gundam, it is a conversion kit so you will still need to have the original kit from Bandai.

Unlike the pictures you see below, the resin used by Fortune Meow is actually yellow. Included in this conversion kit is the entire set of body armour, weapons, Fin-Funnel and Backpack. Articulation will still be possible with this conversion kit, but I would expect the poses to be fairly limited thanks to that huge backpack. And yes, an instruction manual and water slide decals are also included.

This kit comes with a hefty price tag of about USD115, which is a lot considering that it is in 1/144 scale. But the time it will save you from having to scribe all those lines yourself, should still make it worth your dollar.

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