A collaboration between Dragon and Mihai Studio has brought about this trio of iconic girls from Genshin Impact, Raiden Shogun, Yoruuippon and Shen Kaku. All 3 are posed in almost the same seductive way albiet with a different head piece and top clothing. Their bodies are made of silicone, while their heads and display bases are made of PU plastics. Each of them measure 48cm tall, 23cm wide and 17cm deep.

The lamp post in which they cling on to comes with LED light up.

Their production numbers vary, Yoruuippon is limited to 60 units, Raiden Shogun is limited to 80 units, while Shen Kaku is capped at 120 units.

These statues are available as a set or individually. The individual girl statues should cost you around SGD710, the entire set is going for approximately SGD2055. Some retailers may include a similar scale sex toy accessory, do check with them if you intend to preorder. The girls are expected to be released by the third quarter of 2023.

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