Queen Studios have started accepting preorders for their new Captain America statue that is based on the character from the Winter Soldier movie. Made from polystone, the new Captain America measures 50.7cm tall, 25.1cm wide and 22.8cm deep, a quarter scale statue.

Personally, I am not too sure about the face sculpt, but I do like the pose and colours on this one. The designers have gone to great lengths to perfect the texture too, even the shield is made of metal for that extra bit of realism. As for the display base, it may be small, but it does not take away the lime light from the statue.

Production of the statue is limited to 600 units outside of China, it is available for direct order from the following countries:


If you are interested in preordering the statue, expect to pay USD590 for this before shipping. The estimated delivery date is some time in the second quarter of 2023.

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