Naruto collectors rejoice! Officially licensed sixth scale figures from the franchise are finally here. The figures are produced by Pierrot China & Rockettoys, several characters have been announced and one of them is Uchiha Madara.

The sixth scale Uchiha Madara stands at 33cm tall and comes with 2 head pieces, one with a resting bitch face, the other with a smirk. 3 pairs of interchangeable and movable eyes are included:

  • 2 x Black three-tomoe Sharingan
  • 2 x Mangekyō Sharingan
  • 2 x Rinnegan

A total of 6 pairs of hands make this the most I have seen from a sixth scale figure. And as for the armour plates, you guessed it, it is made of metal. No metal weapons though, but they have included his standard weapons that are substantially sized. A 30.5cm long War Fan, a 34.5cm long sickle, and a chain to link the two weapons together. And to cap off the long list of accessories, a cool Uchiha display base is included to help the dead man stand on his feet.

Rocket Studios’ Uchiha Madara figure should be available for preorder at your local retailer as of today, price at approximately SGD358, with delivery to be expected sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Contemplating? Do not sit on it too long though, early birds who preorder the figure should received an additional head piece, one with a roaring expression.

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