This quarter scale statue of Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion is all the hype right now with its good head sculpt, and silicon tits accessory. Made of resin and PU plastics, it measures 56.5cm tall, 17cm wide and 19cm deep.

A total of 3 variants are on offer by FA Studio, a battle suit version, a bikini version, and a deluxe version. The bikini version may come with an extra silicon breast accessory depending on your retailer. The deluxe version includes both the battle suit and bikini versions, and a bonus blindfold accessory. Both the battle suit and bikini versions are limited to 100 pieces respectively, while the deluxe version is capped at 99 pieces.

The battle suit version has a preorder price of about SGD545, the bikini version with silicon breasts is about SGD635, and the deluxe version is at SGD825. FA Studio have committed to deliver all 3 versions by the fourth quarter this year.

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