Designed by Prime 1 Studio Artist Jorge Jimenez, the company’s new 1/3 scale joker is based on the comic iteration of the character. The clown prince of crime spots a unique sinister and murderous impression that no human actor can replicate, the unique appearance makes him very popular with fans of the comics, making this statue very special to these group of fans.

Prime 1 Studio’s Joker sits on his reclining theater-themed throne, suited up for any event. The entire statue measures 21cm tall, and is made of mainly polystone.

Like most Prime 1 Studio products, there are 3 versions of this statue, a regular, a DX and a DX Bonus version. The regular version comes with no interchangeable accessories, just the themed display base. The bonus version will come with 3 interchangeable right hands (Jokerangs, clown mark, cane) and 2 interchangeable pairs of legs (Spread/crossed-legged). The DX Bonus is only available to preorders made on Prime 1 Studio’s website, it will include all of that plus an additional interchangeable left hand holding a half-bat mask, and a limited edition Jorge Jimenez hand-signed art print.

All three versions of the Joker statue are priced differently, the regular will cost you SGD1950, the DX version slightly more at SGD2230, and the DX Bonus version even more at SGD2330. The statue wont be ready until the first quarter of 2024.

DX Bonus Version


  • The Joker Statue on a Joker Hideout-themed base
  • Three (3) Swappable Right Hand Parts (Jokerangs, Clown Mask, Cane)
  • Two (2) Swappable Pairs of Legs (Spread Pose, Cross-Legged Pose)
  • One (1) Swappable Left Hand (Half-Bat Mask) [BONUS PART]
  • One (1) 1/500 Limited Edition Jorge Jimenez Hand-Signed Art Print [BONUS PART]

Regular Version


  • The Joker Statue on a Joker Theater Hideout-themed base

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