There has been a flood of Tifa statues from different Chinese manufacturers lately, most of them with questionable face sculpts when they reach final production. Then came this statue from EA Studio, with one of the best looking Tifa face sculpts that I have ever seen, but with a questionable body pose.

The entire statue is made of resin and spans 36cm wide, 41cm deep and 36cm tall, putting it in quarter scale territory. No LEDs are fitted in this one, but it does come with interchangeable bodies. Tifa comes standard with a single body piece, with her clothes on. Should you want to spruce things up, you can opt to purchase the additional full naked or battle damaged bodies from EA Studio separately, each interchangeable body piece for a price of about SGD180.

EA Studio’s Tifa Lockhart is expected to reach completion in the last quarter of this year. Production of the statue is limited to 298 pieces, each with a preorder price of about SGD710 before shipping.

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