Here is a reasonably priced statue for those of us with lighter wallets, the Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato by CW Studio. This piece is based on the character from the Naruto series as he overlooks Konoha with the Nine Tailed Fox in the distance.

The statue is made of PU plastics and resin, with 2 different sizes available: sixth scale and quarter scale. The sixth scale Namikaze Minato measures 22cm wide, 20cm deep and 38cm tall, the larger quarter scale version measures 33cm wide, 30cm deep and 57cm tall. No LEDs or interchangeable accessories are included with this statue.

Production of CW Studio’s Namizake Minato statue is limited to 288 units, with delivery to commence in the last quarter of 2022. And as for pricing, the sixth scale statue comes with a preorder price of SGD210, and the quarter scale is at SGD285.

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