Here is a statue for those of you who prefer something that is not too loud, UP Studio have announced a diorama from My Neighbour Totoro, the classic1988 Japanese anime that was written and directed by Legendary writter, Hayao Miyazaki.

The designers from UP Studio have managed to fit the leading characters, the Catbus and even a moon backdrop into one intriguing showpiece. The diorama is made of resin/PU plastics, and comes firmly seated on an open book display base. Together with the Catbus, it measures 58cm tall, 55cm wide and 32cm deep. LEDs light up the house, moon and eyes of the Catbus.

UP Studio will only produce a 168 units of this diorama, with completion and delivery to be expected in the first quarter of 2023. Each diorama will set you back by about SGD540 before shipping.

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