Dioramas with multiple characters and a good layout are awesome to look at and this piece is as good as it gets. Combining Uchiha Obito, the nine tailed tailed beasts, and big boy Gedō Mazō into a chibi style diorama statue, G5 Studio have built themselves an absorbing statue that would impress the even the mightiest Naruto fan.

G5 Studio have gone with the usual resin and PU plastics in the construction of this diorama. It is made to WCF scale with each character averaging 7cm tall, which brings this statue to just 39cm tall, 31cm wide and 30cm deep. Perfectly sized for that Ikea Detolf sitting empty in your home.

The expected release date for this diorama statue by G5 Studio is sometime in the second quarter of next year, with preorders now going for approximately SGD315 before shipping.

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