Here is a bust so realistic it actually looks kind of creepy. Based on the 2016 Doctor Strange movie, Queen Studios have created a hyper realistic life sized bust of Doctor Stephen Strange using state-of-the-art technology and the finest platinum silicone. They have even gone to the extent of implanting the individual hair strands one by one, a technique in which Queen Studios have mastered to create stunningly realistic sculpts. Glass eyeballs are used to make the eyes life like, and actual fabric is used for the clothes.

Size wise, the bust measures 83cm tall, 50cm wide and 39cm deep.

Only 200 units will be made, each with a preorder price of USD3800 before shipping. Queen Studios is expected to fulfill preorders by the last quarter of 2023.

Latest Update: The bust is already sold out on Queen Studios’ website, should you want to preorder one, you may join the waiting list on site or contact your local retailer and hope for the best.

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