The folks over at Sideshow have put together a Premium Format statue of Miles Morales. The sculptors have based it on the character’s appearance in the comics, spotting the more boyish look as compared to the videogame iteration.

Sideshow’s painters have given the statue a thematic paint application, that reflects the blue glow of the city lights onto Miles’ legs and sneakers as he slings webs above the city skyline. Detailed textures and raised red webbing on his suit add depth to the statue, making Miles Morales practically pop off the page into three-dimensional Spider-Man collectible form.

Two versions are up for grabs, a Collector Edition and a Sideshow Exclusive version.

Collector Edition

The “Collector Edition” is basically a regular version without the additional head piece, it comes with a preorder price of USD630 before shipping.

Sideshow Exclusive

The Sideshow Exclusive version includes an alternate unmasked portrait revealing Spider-Man’s secret identity to the city. As the name suggests the Sideshow Exclusive will only be available on Sideshow’s website, and cab be preordered for USD650 before shipping.

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