The war in Ukraine has seen extensive usage of the T-72B1 tank by Russia, and through the battles one of the weaknesses of the tank has been discovered to be its lack of protection from above. To address this, Russian engineers have modified several of their T-72B1 tanks to include an additional grating armour on the turret, creating this unique looking armoured vehicle.

Trumpeter, one of if not the largest producer of Armour model kits, looks to stay atop of the game with a new T-72B1 model kit with the aforementioned turret grating armour. The kit is based on their original 1/35 scale T-72B1 that was released several years ago, the new kit includes the KTM-6 as well as the grating armour.

A total of 34 sprues are inside the box, bringing the total number of parts in it to more than 1200 pieces. These include the tank’s 217 individual tracks, a copper cable and brass wire. The completed tank will measure about 28.9cm long (including the barrel) and 10.8cm wide.

Trumpeter ‘s new T-72B1 tank with the KTM-6 and Grating Armour is expected to hit retailers by August this year.

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