A combination of 2 of the franchise’s strongest characters, Naruto and Sasuke, leads to the most badass summoning of all. Kurama with Susano’o Armour was probably the strongest iteration of the 2 from the entire series (I do not recall seeing this in the shippuden series, more like Boruto).

This piece from AzureSea studio is licensed and fully encapsulates the majestic appearance of Kurama with the protection of his new friend Susano’o. The statue is made of resin and PU plastics, it measures 40cm tall, 58cm wide and 55cm deep. No LEDs or accessories are included.

Production of this statue is capped at 350 units, each with a preorder price of about SGD1125. A hefty price for something without lights or interchangeable accessories. Still, if you are interesting in copping one, expect this to begin shipping only in the second quarter of 2024.

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