My name is Bruce Wayne. I am vengeance. I am justice. I am Batman, the Red Death.”

Adapted from the comics and out in 1/3 scale, the new Red Death statue by Prime 1 Studio stands at a whopping 30 inches tall. He stands atop his own supercharged base, complete with skulls, exhaust pipes and fiery afterburners.

A total of 3 versions have been announced: a regular version, an exclusive version and The Reverse Red Death.

Regular Version

The regular version comes with a themed display base and is limited to 250 pieces, each with a preorder price of USD1299.

Exclusive Version

The exclusive version comes with the same display base as the regular version, but features an additional swappable alternate portrait. Production of the exclusive version is capped at 350 pieces, each with a preorder price of USD1349.

The Reverse Red Death

The Reverse Red Death gets a touch of gold, 2 interchangeable portraits and the same display base as the other 2. It will have a production limit of 250 pieces and a preorder price tag of USD1349.

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