Who would have thought SUVs would be cool enough to have a full resin model kit. The popularity of SUVs these days has given birth to cars like the Lamborghini Urus, a super car SUV for the new era. The king of super car resin models, Alpha Model has taken the first step to produce a scale resin model of the Lambroghini Urus, in what could possibly the first of many more SUVs from the model maker.

The new kit consists of a body that is made entirely of resin in 1/24 scale. Included in the box are photo-etch parts, full interior parts (dashboard, racing seats and pedals), resin wheels, rubber tyres, acetate and vacuum formed clear parts, water slide decals and metal foil decals and stickers.

The 1/24 scale Lamborghini Urus full resin kit will come with a box price of USD160, it is currently available for order on Alpha Model’s website.

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