Best known for her paper style technique, Konan is the partner of Nagato and the most understated member of the Akatsuki. A character that has not received much attention from merchandisers, Genting Stars Studio and Pierrot China have teamed up to give credit to the mighty Konan, creating this master piece of the Angel of Amegakure.

Made of resin and PU plastics, this piece from Genting Stars Studio is scaled to 1/6, it comes with 2 interchangeable head pieces as well as an LED light up display base. LEDs that light up with a swirl effect. It measures 65cm tall, 55cm wide and 33cm deep, quite a large size for a sixth scale statue thanks to the extended wing and water themed display base.

Genting Stars Studio’s Konan statue should be available for preorder at your local retailer for approximately SGD980 before shipping in the second quarter of 2023.

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