Open for preorder recently is Queen Studios’ ultra realistic Superman bust in 1:1 scale.

There are 2 versions made available by Queen Studios, one adapted from the 2013 Man of Steel movie, the other from the 2017 Justice League. Both busts feature soft skin that is made of silicone. The hair on Superman’s head is painstakingly hand punched one strand at a time before being cut and styled. The eyes are made of glass to give that realistic appearance that we have come to expect in modern busts. Superman’s iconic suit is crafted from polystone and includes the iconic emblem on his chest. Both versions are production capped at 150 units world wide.

The base on the limited edition Superman bust is inspired by Superman’s Kryptionian spacecraft. The front of the base features the Superman and Justice League logos respectively. The logo’s are magnetically attached, when removed collectors can reveal the inside of the spacecraft with the infant Kal El inside wrapped in swaddling blankets.

The bust comes with a price tag of USD3869 before shipping, the estimated delivery date is sometime in the last quarter of this year.

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