Statue masters Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway have collaborated to produce this stunning statue of the caped crusader from 1989. Scaled to a whopping 1:3 scale, this Batman statue stands at 31 INCHES tall on a Batcave-themed base that features four spotlights.

Two versions are available, a regular and an ultimate version.

The Ultimate Version includes an additional 1:3 scale statue of Bruce Wayne. Bruce stands at approximately of 30 inches tall, and dons a classic tuxedo. He stands on a Wayne Manor-themed stone base where a detachable Batarang can be placed in his left hand.

  • Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Michael Keaton
  • Perfectly designed Batman’s original costume with a fabric cape
  • Perfectly designed Bruce Wayne in a fabric 80’s trendy tuxedo
  • Batman, Batcave-themed base
  • Bruce Wayne, Wayne Manor-themed base
  • LED-Illuminated Base for Batman
  • Three (3) swappable right-hand for Batman (Open, Fist, Grapple Gun)
  • Two (2) swappable left-hand for Batman (Open, Fist)
  • One (1) detachable Batarang from the Wayne Manor themed-base

Prices start at USD1599 for the regular version and USD2799 for the ultimate version. Prime 1 Studio is expected to begin shipping out the statue by the third quarter of next year.

Regular Version

Ultimate Version

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