Relive the adventures of 2B with Puffer Studio’s new Yorha no.2 Type B/ 2B statue from Nier: Automata. The statue features all we would expect of a 2B statue, a decent head sculpt, a good pose/display base and some more if you know what I mean.

Measuring 52cm wide, 44cm deep and 69cm tall, the statue is made of resin, PU and ABS plastics. It comes with a production cap of 198 pieces.

A total of 3 versions are available: A Simple version, Standard version and a Deluxe version. The simple version includes the character with a blindfolded head sculpt and a display base (the safe for family version). The standard version includes the Simple version with the addition of a non blindfolded head sculpt, as well as a naked body piece. The Deluxe version has everything that the Standard version has, with an additional extensive base and sexy lingerie accessory.

Puffer Studio’s 2B statue comes with a preorder price tag of SGD615 for the simple version, SGD815 for the Standard version, and SGD1040 for the Deluxe version. The studio is expected to fulfill preorders by the third quarter of 2023.

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