Special grade jujutsu sorcerer and widely recognized to be the strongest in the world, Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen gets an official sixth scale figure as compliment to the sixth scale Itadori Yuji.

Made by Asmus Toys, Satoru Gojo has a slightly different approach to the figure’s head pieces. The figure comes with 2 head pieces, one with an unmasked face, and the other with a mask and a variety of interchangeable mouth pieces. Four pairs of hands are included, along with fabric clothes and a simple display stand.

Satoru Gojo should set you back by approximately USD170 before shipping, with release expected to be sometime this month.

Head Sculpts:

  • One Full Head: Smile Face without blindfold
  • One upper Part: With Eye Mask and Hair
    • One lower Part: Normal face
    • One lower Part: Laughing face
    • One lower Part: Serious face
    • One lower Part: happy face


  • A pair of relaxed hand
  • A pair of fist 
  • A Mantra hand I
  • A Mantra Hand II
  • A hand with folded fingers
  • A Pair of leather Shoe
  • A Jujutsu Kaisen Base
  • A Base with stand


  • A Trousers in Dark Purple color
  • A Top in dark purple color
  • A Pair of Black socks
  • One Eye Mask in Black
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