Sculpted and dressed to look exactly like the Riddler from Batman Forever, the King of Enigma by Mars Toys is an unlicensed sixth scale figure that is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of this year.

The figure boasts all the accessories you would expect from a Riddler figure. Included with the figure are 2 head sculpts, one with a mouth and the other with a lip licking expression.

Mars toys’ King of Enigma figure should be available for preorder at your local toy store for USD215 before shipping. Should you be interested in preordering one, be sure to check for the preorder bonus Halloween Mask accessory that should accompany your figure.

*Preorder bonus : Halloween Mask *

Open mouth expression head sculpt*1
Lip licking expression with hat head sculpt*1
Green Lords*1
Green suit*1
Collect device*1
Send device*1
Bat bomb*5
Beam pocket*1

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