The new Harley Quinn statue from JND Studios ticks all the right boxes. Stunning resemblance to the actual character, rooted hair, and a scale large enough to draw attention. The 1/3 scale statue also boasts glass eye balls that will give that realistic eyeball reflection, and dentures to replicate her smile to perfection.

As for accessories, the team at JND Studios have included a mini pistol with 2 pistol magazines, mini bullets loadable. This pistol can be holstered on Harley’s waist. Below her feet is a flat display base that is simple to prevent drawing the limelight away from Harley.

The statue measure 65cm tall, 31cm wide and 31cm deep. No word on the edition size but the statue has since sold out on JND Studios’ website. Should you be interested, authorised distributors are still accepting preorders for the statue as of today. Expect to pay around SGD3250 to preorder JND Studios’ Harley Quinn, and wait till the third quarter of 2022.

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