Well known for their incredibly detailed mecha model kits, Mechanicore have released a 1/100 scale mecha that resembles the Nightingale Gundam from Bandai (Coincidence?). Called the ZMX-42 “FireHawk”, the kit is in 1/100 scale and is made mostly of plastic, with certain areas of the kit made of diecast.

As for options and electronics, Mechanicore have done the world a favour by including with the FireHawk an LED light up kit that is USB powered. Builders will also have the option to build 2 versions out of the box:

  • Generic Heavy Assault Type
  • MS Close Combat

Genesic Heavy Assault Type

  • Head height: 253mm (excluding head horn)
  • Overall height: 260mm
  • Shoulder width: 520mm
  • Torso thickness: 198mm
  • Crotch Length: 142mm
  • Overall depth: 323mm

MS Close Combat Type

  • Head height: 234mm (excluding head horn)
  • Overall height: 278mm
  • Shoulder width: 152mm
  • Torso thickness: 130mm
  • Overall depth: 130mm

An exclusive premium bonus may be offered by some retailers to early bird preorders: a Clear body armour set.