Star Wars – Captain Rex by Sideshow

Star Wars – Captain Rex by Sideshow

In my book, experience outranks everything.

Sideshow have opened the preorder books for their upcoming Captain Rex premium format statue.

Measuring 27” tall, 15” wide, and 15” deep, the Captain Rex Premium Format Figure wields dual blasters as he launches into the air above a scorched battlefield. Gray and white smoke plumes twist into the vibrant yellow and orange flames emitted from his jet pack. A broken and burned spider droid™, its pieces scattered and melted in the aftermath, bears the brunt of Captain Rex’s effective assault. With this trooper in the sky, the victory of the Republic’s campaign seems certain.

Inspired by the character’s appearance in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ animated series, this fully sculpted Captain Rex collectible depicts CC-7567 in his uniquely customised and battle-weathered blue and white suit, which combines elements of both Phase I and Phase II clone armour. His welded helmet, complete with a range finder, is marked with a tally for each brother lost in war. Rex’s armour includes a blue shoulder pauldron, signifying his rank and status as commander of the 501st Legion within the Grand Army of the Republic. The Captain Rex Premium Format Figure also has light-up features on the base, bringing the roaring fire from Rex’s jet pack to life in bright, blazing detail.

The premium format Captain Rex statue by Sideshow will set you back by approximately SGD1415 before shipping. The statue is expected to begin shipping by February 2025.